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Internet dangers

The Internet has long been a useful information resource on desktop and laptop computers and that usefulness has been extended these days to smartphones. However, the dangers of the Internet are just as prevalent on these devices as well.

One way that parents protected their kids from Internet dangers and temptations was to have their computers placed in a common family area but now it is different. Your children with their Internet-enabled smartphones can carry those devices anywhere—away from your eyes.

It is for this reason that having Mobile Spy software running on their smartphones is of utmost importance.

The Dangers of Cell Phones and the Internet

Parents do not realize it but the list of Internet dangers regarding smartphone use are many and include:

  • Contact with those never met in person. Your children might be communicating with those that they never met and neither have you. These could be sexual predators and other stalkers that are a clear threat to your children.
  • Free reign on usage when away. This was mentioned previously. You cannot monitor what you cannot see.
  • Poor password management. Kids get careless with passwords and use easy-to-remember words that make it just as easy for a stranger to log on to their social networking and email accounts.
  • Divulging too much personal information. An example of this would be posting phone numbers on Facebook or your child posting a status on the same social networking site that she is home alone.
  • Chat room influences. Chat rooms are notoriously abusive in nature and filled with stalkers looking to gain access to your children.
  • Web browsing curiosity. Your teenager might want to try out an adult website. He can when he is away from home with an Internet-enabled smartphone.
  • Parents’ unfamiliarity with acronyms. These are those acronyms like LOL, IMHO and others. Some get downright vulgar but some parents are not familiar with them thus they don’t really know what their kids are discussing.
  • Doing anything that is misleading online. An example of this would be creating a false profile on a dating site where your teenager wants to be older than she really is. Here again, it is opening the door to stalkers.

As you will see in the section that follows, you as a parent not only need to take proactive measures to protect against Internet dangers but you need to see what is happening as well. This is the purpose of Mobile Spy software.

Mobile Spy the First Line of Defense

mobile spy live panel

With Mobile Spy keylogger app running on your kids’ smartphones, you now have the eyes to make sure the Internet rules for your children are complied with. Some of the ways it does this is by:

  • Monitoring all two-way communications. See all email, SMS, and instant messenger chat messages along with the contact and their full text.
  • Administrator commands. Lock the phone remotely from your secure control panel if you see your kid is getting out of hand.
  • Keeping track of photos. See the revealing selfies they are taking and put a stop to this behavior.
  • Web browsing history. View all websites visited. The inappropriate ones that your kid is venturing to will be obvious.
  • GPS location tracking. Know where your kid is at no matter what he tells you.
  • Logging of apps installed. Some apps have inappropriate content. Mobile Spy inventories what is on the monitored smartphone and reveals the truth to you. You can block inappropriate apps from your control panel as well.
  • Tracking the contacts file. Know with whom your children are communicating.

All of these activities and more are collected on the smartphone that Mobile Spy keylogger software is running on and sent to your control panel for a full view.

Other Actions You Can Take as a Parent

Mobile Spy cell phone monitoring software does not take the place of parents clearly establishing the rules for their kids with regard to their smartphone use. It helps you enforce them.

Don’t let the dangers of the Internet infiltrate just because your child has more mobility with a smartphone. Order your subscription to Mobile Spy before these dangers become a nightmare.

Text Message Tracking Software

Text messaging is an integral part of what makes a smartphone such an attractive electronic communications device. In fact, text messaging is oftentimes the preferred mode of communication over voice. Thus, if you have the need for cell phone tracker software, it is important that it has robust capabilities to track text messages on the monitored device.

Text Message Tracking

Why Tracking Text Messages is Important

As mentioned previously, text messaging is oftentimes preferred over voice communications thus warranting the need for cell phone tracking software to intercept these messages. This preference arises because a person can say much more with discreet text than with voice communications that someone might overhear.

Parents want to know what their kids are exchanging in text messages on the smartphone bought and given to them. Likewise employers want to know if employees are wasting too much time exchanging non-business text messages on company-issued cell phones.

Then there is the situation of a spouse who suspects their partner is cheating and wants to know the text messages that are being exchanged in the affair.

What Gets Tracked

There are typically five classes of cell phone spy features when it comes to tracking text messages on a smartphone. These are the following:

  • SMS Message tracking
  • Email message monitoring
  • Collecting of instant messenger chats
  • Logging social networking messages
  • Key logging

SMS messaging capability comes standard with today’s smartphones and all text message tracking software products support capturing these messages. The full text along with date/time and contact tags is sent to the subscriber’s control panel for evaluation.

Cell phone tracking software also catches email messages and instant messenger (IM) chats. Consider that using SMS all the time is expensive thus you’ll find that your child, employee, or spouse will utilize these free services to exchange communications. Several cell phone spy products tap into not only email but also messages from WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Gtalk, iMessage (iPhone), and BBM (BlackBerry).

There is another avenue where text messages can be captured with cell phone tracking software and that is in the world of social networking.

Some cell phone spy products provide hooks into Twitter and Facebook. Facebook can be an incredible time waster and affects both employee productivity and interferes with your kids’ studies. With a cell phone spy that supports capture of Twitter and Facebook posts/messages you can determine if these are being abused.

Key Logging

Key logging is a special feature when it comes to cell phone tracking software. One company that offers key logging capability with its cell phone spy is mSpy.

Let’s say that the person you are monitoring uses another messaging app such as LINE which is not supported by the cell phone brands you are evaluating. With key logging it is not a problem because all keys pressed on the monitored cell phone are captured and sent to your subscriber control panel.

Alert Notifications

Some makers of cell phone tracking software add a valuable feature with their basic message tracking features. This is a feature to alert the subscriber when certain trigger words are used in text messages. These may be listed in a canned dictionary and will always allow subscriber definition.

With alert notifications, you get a message when your teenager uses words like “drugs”, “beer”, and “weed” in an email or other text message. Notifications such as these allow you to be a proactive parent and intervene when the situation calls for it.

The makers of text message tracking apps go by names such as StealthGenie, mSpy, Mobile Spy, PhoneSheriff, SpyBubble, and more. Don’t let yourself stay in the dark and find out those text messages that your child, employee, or spouse are exchanging. Get on to and choose the cell phone tracking product that best suits your needs.